Tommy Wirkola Dead Snow

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le 17/04/2010

Tommy Wirkola Dead Snow

Interview de Tommy Wirkola, réalisateur, au BIFFF 2010.

Voici quelques-unes des questions (abordées dans la vidéo) que nous lui avons posées :

- Your movies seem to be quite « in the rough ». Not polished if you see what I mean.
Is it your intention or is it due to a lack of money in the production process?

- Which are your main influences?

- The border between comedy and horror seems to vanish progressively in zombie movies.
What do you feel about it?

- Do you agree if I say that « Dead Snow » is at the frontier between « Shaun of the Dead » and « The Night of the Living Dead »?

- Would you shoot trasher movies without any sense of humour?

- In your opinion, is it still possible to make zombie films without using second-degree humour?

- Do you think Scandinavia has a particular identity regarding horror movies?
Is there a very « national » particularity in your films? Something that makes your work so peculiar?

Bons films !

Jean-Philippe Thiriart


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