CocoRosie est de retour en 2010

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le 12/03/2010
Mercredi 19 mai 2010 - 20h30 - COCOROSIE -

CocoRosie est de retour en 2010 ! Les sœurs Casady presenteront leur 4ème opus «Grey Oceans », écrit et enregistré entre Buenos Aires, Melbourne, Berlin, New York et Paris. Ces fées de l'électro-psyché-folk fouleront les planches de la Kulturfabrik pour la 3ème fois !!
Mercredi 19 mai 2010 - 20h30 - COCOROSIE -
Pré-vente : 22 euros (+ frais de location) // Sur place : 25 euros

Formé en 2003, Coco Rosie s'articule autour des sœurs Bianca dit Coco et Sierra dit Rosie Cassidy. Leur musique est un mélange de plusieurs influences dans un univers décalé et enfantin. Après La Maison De Mon Rêve (2004), Noah's Ark (2005), The Adventures Of Ghosthorse And Stillborn (2007), le nouvel album sortira selon les pays entre fin avril et début mai et est composé de 11 titres! Habituellement invité par le duo, le pianiste de jazz d'origine française, Gael Rakotondrabe, sera officiellement du voyage. Spectateurs du Luxembourg et de la Grande région « unissez-vous » et découvrez ou redécouvrez Cocorosieland.

Avec le soutien de Boumchaka !!

Bio for the Grey Oceans
"The story goes, that a girl named jack was really a guy called susan, his skirts were dark and wicked, her face tan and fair. Oh jesus christ, Marry Magdalena, dear wicked knife, sweet bloodthirsty blade, I'd make thee a babe, burnt out like some vengeful mansion, whose eyes on fire and swirling with gas, looked devilish and unabashed. Little kittens paw their way through bloody tracks in the snow, behind the shed, shedding little salty salt tears, crying in crystal mirror reflections of a chandelier. Laughing clown and porcelain clatter, vintage bras on silver platters, doughy, deep fried, fish in batter, brain splatter, full bladder, ethereal matter, butterflies." Journeying inward, into the forest-dark ember, led by crystal light, the voicing of whales and ancient souls passed, we embarked; slipping with muddy foothold, on a destination-less ride through darkened waters filled with starry-eyed daughters. We have had many guides, some dead ones, some alive, some sisters with names pronounceable, others, just an inkling, the last heat of summer, seeping up, out of the evening sunned soil in september. We close our eyes, to hear the decoration, a burnt out corn field, a sad place to remember, the story of a heartless crow, his countless cackles haunting, his mission, misogyny. We dual waves, heavy laden with salt, of foisted female identity, underlying, trinity is crying, she mourns so sweetly. Heavy on our hearts, the weight of time; the earth who lost her balance and fell into the snowy depths of industrial mucus. Sweet christian lord, let me share my deepest, be it dewy or enigmatic. Let them be romantic, all my gestures unto you. We've been swept away by our long hair, swept away by our longing to give. A glass eye, a glowing tooth, just a knick knack or two, some small evidence of the sunken, drowned and now immortal.
The frown may frown upon these inappropriate undergarments, showing too much and bleeding right through. To unshame and to unshackle, each song an aim, a hand-crafted-arrow shot towards an essence. A unique perfume, the soft breath, a flower from a meadow, or a moldy cloth, mundane. Miracles can happen when wild morning glories do a melodious exchange. If perhaps we may capture, just a bit of the flowers laughter and retell it all to you, then the sky might turn from grey torrent tangles into a tranquil silk trouser of a seafarer, blue.

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  • Mercredi 19 mai 2010 - 20h30 - COCOROSIE -
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